Our Story

The Pouso Alto Farm was purchased in 1975 by the entrepreneur and pioneer João Ximenes, a visionary entrepreneur who identified the potential of specialty coffee plantations in this region, which is located in the north of Rio de Janeiro state, between the states of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, major coffee producers in Brazil.



With 44 hectares, we are 920 meters above sea level. There are 80,000 feet of Arabica coffees aged 1 to 10 years, producing 1,000 bags of 60kg each of green coffee . We are the first farm in the state of Rio de Janeiro to be certified by UTZ.

Our Coffee

We produce specialty coffee , which, as defined by BSCA, are beans free from impurity and defects that have different sensory attributes, qualifying your drink above 80 points in the sensory analysis. It has certified traceability and respects the criteria of environmental, economic and social sustainability in all stages of production.

Our Location

If you want to know more details about us and our production, please contact us


Estrada Varre-Saí, S/N

KM 12 - Varre-Saí, RJ

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